Rehoming Four Hens ... But they don't look so good :(

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    I was going to throw in there after she gets back up to health but I found another post I was reading but if she's broody now that means later under the right conditions she will go broody again so once she is healthy and up to par the set eggs under her for new chickies
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    Aug 22, 2019
    I'm going to get her to stop being broody for the time being, it could be a mixture between being pecked all the time and the fact that she is leaving fake eggs in the nesting boxes and then just letting her sit there all day, everyday. But I want to break her of that right away because I want her to get healthier. She did say that the others pick on her all the time. She's the only one out of the four who is more resistant to be picked up and doesn't like to be pet like the others and I'm sure it's because she's picked on. I hope we can get her an apron to let her feathers grow in and help her out some! When we took her out of the nest and on the ground, she immediately ran back into the nesting box and sat down again. She doesn't growl or anything but she definitely isn't happy about it!

    Also lastly, I'll ask about the D.E. at Murdoch's that is where we purchased it before, but thank you all for the advice on that! We are going to get some mite/dusting mix today just as a preventative even if they don't have mites and just to be sure if they do we get it all cleared up as soon as we let them out one by one into their new home. :) Better to be safe than sorry!
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    Sounds like a good plan to me. :thumbsup. My experience with broody hens is they growl and peck at you if you try to move them. Then when you set them down outside they act very strange indeed, like they forgot how to walk. They make odd noises, and might jump and flutter, like they just saw as mouse. :lau They will flatten out and lay low for a minute. Then they will peck around a bit before going back to the nest. Your little pecked at hen I think is staying in the nest for safety. I would definitely get a saddle, or at least spray her with blue kote, to protect her from the other chickens. This will all settle out in your much larger space with good nutritious food. Best of luck with her!!! And with the others too. Again, thank you for rescuing these ladies!!!:love And please keep us posted on their progress. :pop
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    There are videos of how to make a no see hen saddle. It is really easy and literally takes less than 5 minutes.

    I agree she is hiding. :(
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