Rehoming Roosters HELP!!!


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Jan 9, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I bought a box of 10 baby chicks from the market and ended up with 6 roosters. I live residentially and the local council have issued me with a letter stating the roosters have to go.

I can't bear the idea that they would be euthinised or eaten and am desterately trying to find them a good home.

Chesterfield farm are willing to take them but they have lied about their intentions as to what will happen to my boys,
Edgars Mission is over run, and
Collingwood childrens farm can't take them on board either.

Any one here that lives in Victoria Australia that may need a rooster???

I need to get them to a new home (seperated or together) before 5 May 2013.

I also am having trouble getting rid of a young rooster, I have put him on CL, a freecycle like list, homeschool email list, fb, and a note at the feed store and so far no takers. I am in Oregon. 7 week old black and white easter egger who's crowing.
We finally got our 7 week old rooster rehomed with some nice people, wish he had more chickens to keep him company than one but maybe they will get more, they seemed really nice at least. two days after we rehomed him our four month old rooster started crowing when he never had before so we are rehoming him to a farm that we had planned for a while if everything works out. The second rehoming is more emotional for me as we've had him longer and he was friendlier. I will miss him.-lisa

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