Reintroducing hens to the flock

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    I have two coops, one general coop, and one small hospital coop that I put hens into when they are sick. I had an EE who was eggbound, unstuck 2 eggs but left her in the hospital while she regained her strength and I could assure that she was ok. She's been hospitalized about 6 weeks now and everything is fine so I went to put her back in with the big house girls, thinking it would be better to put her back when they were still outside in the yard, but was I ever wrong! 2 hens immediately attacked her and the rooster did nothing to intervene. My daughter scooped her back up, she was terrified, and put her back in the hospital. Now, I have an other hen with eggbound issues that I would like to put in the hospital but need to get the EE out of the hospital and reintroduced into the big coop. What has worked well for others in this situation? I have read to put new hens in at night before bed, but won't they just wake up in the morning and start fighting when they realize there is a newcomer, or are chickens not that smart? Anyone with suggestions? All would be appreciated. Thanks.
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