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    Jan 21, 2011
    I need some advise. We had a problem with our chickens a week ago and thought there was cannabalism going on. We seperated a Blue Cochin from the other hens because she was missing feathers around her rump. After a week, I tried to reintroduce her to the other hens and she was immediately attacked. I had to rush in and save her. Even when I was holding her, the other hens tried to get at her and peck her head. I took her out of the coop and she is living in one of our bathtubs for now. We are willing to get another coop for her and add some new chicks but would prefer her to live with her old roomates. Any suggestions on how to do this or is it too late? Also, if we get day old chicks, would the Blue Cochin be safe to be put with them? We are new to this chicken thing, but are really loving it.
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    I'd be interested in this as well. We have one of our RIR hens in the house for 10 days after an injury. I'm really worried about putting her back in with my other 3 hens afterwards. Mind you they are all very docile, so we have never had aggression problems, and I am hoping she'll just have to find her place in the pecking order again without too much kerfuffle.
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    Absolutely. What I would do if possible is go into the coop and rearrange things. Move the roost to another area and re hang the feeder and waterer or just mix it up so it's different. Even temporarily. Then come NIGHTTIME, put them ALL back to bed with the lights out. You don't mention a roo but roos have their place.

    " the rooster can also act a referee. When 2 hens start to fighting, the rooster will go between them and settle the fight. Then if they're not satisfied and start fighting again, he'll go back over and talk to them again, to say "shame on you, and then they quit." - Minnie Rose Lovgreen's recipe for raising chickens.

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