Relay For Life Dinner...Etiquette Question


Langshan Lover
11 Years
Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
Our Wal-Mart team is participating in the Relay For Life walk. I am walking for my mom. A person, one of our managers, asked me to come to the survivor dinner, but I don't feel as though I should go. The mere thought of going seems awful to me.

The person who invited me is a survivor herself. I gave her a few names of some co-workers who also survived, but I doubt they'd go with her.

Is it awful of me to turn down the invitation? Did I commit an awful faux pas?
No, you didnt do anything wrong..
You have a right to your feelings..
No, it is a personal thing, and your choice is the right choice for you. As long as you graciously turned the invite down, I don't see any problems.

My Mom is going through cancer treatments right now, and it is a tough thing to deal with.
to you and I am sorry about your Mom.
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Thank you for your kind words. I just felt as though I was letting her down by telling her no and that I didn't care enough to go with her and celebrate her victory. I may have been reading too much into it, but I am glad that I didn't turn it down by being rude. I just started tearing up when she asked me.

I felt honored, but just felt it wasn't right.

Again, thank you for replying.

mamagardener, I'll be praying for your mom and for strength for you.

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