Remembering Tom the "Turkey Duck".


11 Years
Aug 4, 2010
San Diego
Tom was a muscovy who lived at our lake for many years. His health had been declining for several months until one day, he just stopped showing up for his morning treats, a routine he's had for years. He had been mostly blind for the last two years of his life.

Here's a Youtube video/slideshow I did. I didn't have a good video camera, so the video quality isn't that great. I don't know if the song is right for this piece, so I may change it later on.

Its a very sweet video...the music fits just fine

R.I.P Tom the Turkey Duck!!
Ms.Frizzle :

The slideshow was very nice. He was a gorgeous duck! How old do you think he was?

I've heard rumours of anything from 15 to 20. More likely he was 12 to 15 as I do remember seeing him that far back. I doubt he was older than 15, though.

I have decided that if I ever get muscovies, I want a black/green one just like him. I like black ducks in general.​
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Thanks! I saw him on April 3rd and when I came back to the lake on April 6th, there was a vulture flying around his napping area which is fenced off from people. But, there were always vultures over there. Every afternoon, he went over there to take a nap and then he would come back in the evening for more treats. Then, he would go back there at night and come back to the other side in the morning.
Thanks! I was actually expecting him to go much sooner. He got sick in February and I thought for sure he was a goner, but he lived on.

We're also missing Oreo, a black and white runner, which also makes me sad. I last saw her on Easter. I'm hoping she went somewhere to have ducklings and will be back, soon. She was too timid for anyone to get close enough to grab her, except for me and a couple other people. So, I hope that, maybe, she found a home.

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