Removing Chicks from Hen


Jun 22, 2020
New York
I need to give away my hen's 5 chicks. I was planning on doing so after she had weaned them, but due to unforeseen work circumstances, I will need to give them away earlier. I'm worried that mommy hen would get depressed at suddenly losing her babies...
What's the best way to go about this so my hen will be least distressed?
So after my last post, I decided to go out to the coop (at 4am) and bring the chicks back with me inside. I wanted to see how momma would react in the morning, if she seemed distressed, I was going to bring them back to her.

Well, I just checked on Momma (7 am) and found her on the roosts with the LF girls, she hopped out with a squeaky voice I haven't heard in months and went straight for the food...she’s 100% back to being a normal chicken. Guess I worried for nothing. :rolleyes:

Edit: if it helps anyone else in the future... the chicks are 4 weeks old.

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