Removing roo--for awhile???

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    I have one BO roo. He seems to be a gentleman, never has approached me or my 2yo grandson..or anyone else. He offers the girls treats before he eats anything. He has a wonderful crow--which I love. BUT---he has one of my BO hens completely bald right behind her blood but not one feather! He loves her and seeks her--even though I have 12 hens and all the eggs are fertile (that I have checked). None of the others are bald or even missing a feather . He just seems to perfer her to the others.... She stays away from the main group most of the time..looking for bugs and scratching on her own...every once in a while they will catch up to her or she to the flock but 75% of the time she avoids him... This morning she was trying to eat and he was continually 'hounding' her.. I finally went over and removed him from her back.. I had seen ENOUGH and she was so relived.....

    My questions: Should I put him in a tractor or bachelor pad for a while?? Will he have a hard time being re-introduced into the flock?I thought it would be easier to have him come back into the group than a hen??? How long will it take for her feathers to return? Thank you...Dixie
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