Renew to chickens

After 26 yrs of serving my country, I'm going back to my roots. I'm relocating to the mountains of TN to farm and ranch. Can't wait to set up my new coop for my chicks and watch them grow.
Just a couple of comments ...Be sure when you set up your coop ... you set up a system that allows you to easily clean. We started with straw system and cleaned once a month. That took all day and when I finished I was exhausted. Plus this system encourages bugs. We changed to the sand system on boards that can be removed . This seems to be a better system that I clean every 3rd day. Only the coop doesn't have that fresh hay smell. And in the summer like now you have to be sure you put down extra sand each day. Anyways whatever you decide on make sure it is something that is easy. We started with 5 girls and now have 29. Also when you get your chicks in the spring you will have to make up your mind about Mareks vaccination . There are lots of pros & cons. If you have never had eggs/chicks/chickens PLEASE do allot of reading it will help you NOT MAKE so many mistakes. Also wanted to say we appreciate your service to our country and welcome back home.

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