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  1. Empathy

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    Oct 8, 2010

    So I had just finished responding to a member's post about a head wound today, when I decided it was time to go outside and give everyone some treats. The afternoon is when I let them free range the property, and I never am far from my flock when they do. Anyway, I was feeding everyone grapes, and all of them seemed to be enjoying the ritual very much. I then noticed something red on the ground ---- and saw it was coming from one of my Buckeyes. I couldn't tell at first where the blood was coming from, but after picking her up, it was her toe. It appeared to be gushing. I immediately ran into the house, grabbed my box of corn starch and a bowl, and yelled for my husband. In a matter of minutes I figured that she had a large wound on her foot - and while she appeared to have a bloody head, it was just from her scratching her head with her wounded foot...

    I called the vet - never got a call back.

    Long story short, I have her in our little "chicken hospital" tonight - after cleansing the foot, bandaging it, and telling her man (the roo) that it would be o.k. And I really do think she will be o.k.

    I used a saline wash to flush out her foot after the bleeding slowed significantly. The cornstarch really worked well. I then applied neosporin before bandaging it (and yes, I know that the bandage will be gone by the morning, no matter how well I think I applied it).

    After years of dealing with different problems, I've made a little "first aid kit" that I keep in my downstairs bathroom. In it are all the basics for tending to an injured chicken. I think that everyone who has chickens needs to have something nearby in an emergency. And I wish that it hadn't taken me years to figure it out, or get all the supplies gathered.

    So in the spirit of helping newbies and heck, even those of us who have had chickens for years - why not develop a list of "must haves" for a first aid kit? I think it would be so helpful.

    I'll start with some of my list:

    -paper towels
    -sterilized saline spray
    -Blue Kote
    -adhesive wrap
    -rescue remedy
    -a towel (to hold the chicken if they are too skittish)
    -antibiotic ointment

    What else do you folks routinely use or think would be helpful?

  2. Sandy16

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    Jul 28, 2010
    This thread sounds great! Being "newbie", I need to have an emergency kit handy and this is just the way to get ideas from experienced folks. I am curious about vitamins and other ointments that I've read on other posts. What are good things to have on hand and what foods are good to feed a chicken when they are sick? Also, what did you mean by "rescue remedy"?

    I look forward to reading all of the advice! Thanks for starting this post! [​IMG]
  3. Empathy

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    Oct 8, 2010
    Hi There...

    I love this place [​IMG]

    Thought I'd write an update to let any/everyone know that I received a really nice and informative pm from another BYCer (thanks Deb!) who pointed out that there have been several past posts about first aid kits. So I got off my duff and did several searches and wow....I found many threads; and a few of the best are linked right on the FAQ section (duh...of course! And btw I looked for an smile/emoticon of whipping oneself - didn't see one otherwise I'd have inserted it here, appropriately *L*). Anyway, this is good to know - I've bookmarked a few! And on one of the posts I saw, some wise person mentioned that an industrious person/business could probably make a good dollar from making such kits and selling them!

    I do love a good and sharing community [​IMG]

    Best wishes everyone...make it a great day!
  4. artsyrobin

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    Mar 1, 2009
    Muskogee OK
    here is a good thread on it-

    invariably the one thing i need is not something i have so its a good idea to really seriously have a first aid kit set up, also something i was thinking is to print out articles here regarding things on how to treat various problems and keep them in a binder with your supplies

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