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Jan 24, 2008
Hi All,
Can you guys help me!
We ended up with a rescue chicken, poor thing had nothing to eat or drink for a couple days.
I think I know what we have, but would like to hear from the experts!
Breed? Hen? or possable roo?
Feathers around the neck is throwing me a curve.
What is the best way to introduce it to the rest of the flock, Buff Orpingtons and Cinnimon sexlinks.
I can get what ever pic you want.


ditto here.

Oh and I wouldn't introduce him to my flock for a full 30 days and not before I dusted him for mites and cooties and wormed him and in general made sure he was healthy. You might even want to give him some antibiotic treatment just in case. IF YOU WERE GOING TO KEEP HIM WHICH I WOULDN'T. Lord only knows where he's been and what he's got.
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im guessing rooster~ he is handsome though!! and as for introducing him to your others maybe you should grab one of your others and put it with him to see how it goes.
He's a Barred Rock/Easter Egger cross rooster.

I also would recommend quarantining him, and treating him for worms and lice and mites before mixing him in with your flock. I'm really careful about introducing new birds.

Learned the hard way with our cattle a few years ago. Brought in some bottle calves from the sale barn and over the next 12 months we were having to treat all of our calves for pneumonia and scours in all of the pastures those bottle calves had been in. They were really bad strains of pneumonia and scours. A healthy calf could be bouncing around one day, next day on the ground so sick he can't even get up. We gave lot's of shots and drenches and were able to save most of the calves, but still lost 5 calves. It was an expensive lesson.
I thought Barred Plymouth Rock to start too.

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