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    Mar 29, 2010
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    Well I have heard of people that rescue Dogs, Horses, Birds, even Lizards. But I have never heard of anyone that recues hatching eggs! Until now! I have three customers that I have incubated Pilgrim Geese for in the past and one of them called that they have 3 Fertile Pilgrim Goose eggs that they need to find a home for before Tuesday. I told them that I'd take them and incubate them.

    So it looks like I'm now an Egg Rescue as well!

    Right now I have 4 incubators full of Emu, Goose (Sebastopol & Pilgrim), Duck, Turkey and Chicken eggs. You don’t think Hatching eggs is addictive!


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    Oct 24, 2012
    Hi Kekko! wow sounds like you have a great flock going. I recently found out my local animal shelter had 2 juvenile hens up for adoption. I went to adopt the hens. Los Angeles county animal rescue found them in cock fighting rings. First day after adopting the two, one of the new hen laid an egg for me. I wished I lived in the rural areas to raise for animals. I live in an urban neighborhood and afraid more animals will make neighbors complain. I have flock of 5 hens of all different ages.

    Good to hear someone out there rescuing animals.

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