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Apr 29, 2012
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Long story short, I acquired 7 wild Black Duck eggs. They were removed directly from the nest shortly after mama "disappeared". I visited the wildlife rehabber website, and after candling them we discovered that they are all viable and about 7-8 days old (as of today) and are developing as they should. One of them appears to be a double-yolk, and it would be very exciting to have twins. One of them suffered a superficial crack today, which freaked out my daughter enough to put wax over the spot.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with wild duckling incubation or care? I only have experience with chickens and I am assuming that it is very similar. Any pointers? We intend to hatch them, raise them, and release as soon as we can. Luckily we have a very popular duck population with the retention pond.
Well, you may be aware of the migratory bird law - I am no expert, but wanted to point that out to you. Then again, you may have a permit for handling the eggs, I don't know.

I know mallard-type domestic ducks take about 28 days give or take to hatch.

Seems to me you want to be partnering with a waterfowl rehabber - raising to release is a very specialized activity. It is good you want to protect and nurture these creatures. But someone local can - I would hope - provide the best guidance.

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