Rescued A Duckling!

The Kooky Kiwi

Dec 23, 2017
New Zealand, Golden Bay
One of these babies is not like the others!!

Daughter and I were out on the farm yesterday and found this wee one alone and upset, running amok in the dairy shed. Took a look around the surrounding areas but alas no mom to be seen - so this wee one has been brought home and popped in a brooder.

He didn't like being on his own when he could hear and see the chickens next door, soooooo, he is now their newest roomie and they're all very happy with this new adoptee!

After making the necessary adjustments to food and water, now duckling approved, we are deciding whether to find another foster home that has other ducklings, or raise him with the chicks.

Anyone else had any experience with this (keeping ducklings WITH chicks) and care to share some advice?


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