Rescued Duck After Being Hit By Car--What Breed?


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6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
So, back on Christmas Eve, I rescued a duck on the highway that had been hit by a car.

After stopping traffic in the middle of the busy road to put a blanket over her and take her back home with me, I inspected to notice her leg was snapped clean in half. I splinted and wrapped the leg as best as I could before cleaning her up and the next morning, taking her to the emergency vet.
Despite the trauma she endured, she was surprisingly calm and accepting of my handling her. We called her Hope. =)

Long story short, she's since fully recovered and now lives with the vet that saved her and the leg.

I've always wondered though what type of duck she was, especially now looking to add to my brood...muscovy maybe?
any ideas?

sorry, this is the only photo I have of her. she was a bit banged up.


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