Rescued Rooster in NC


9 Years
Oct 16, 2010
Hi everyone! I live in the foothills of western NC. Last Saturday a VERY injured rooster found its way into my pasture (somehow if there is an injured animal in a 5-mile radius they find me). Anyway, this rooster had apparently been groomed for fighting (waddle and comb cut off, and the toe closest to the spur cut off each foot). He was a mess and very beat up. Eyes swollen closed and infected, pus all over his head (his head looks like someone possibly threw him into a fire) and a 1" hole on his back covered with 100's of maggots, and I believe his jaw had been broken as it will not close but he can still eat. He was very weak and could hardly hold his head up. I have been caring for him round the clock for a week now and he is doing a lot better. I have been keeping him in a rabbit cage locked in my barn tack room and during the day when I can supervise I put him into a large wire dog crate on the grass in front of my barn for partial sunshine and fresh air. My barn cat has taken a liking to him and stands guard (he is also locked in a cattery in the tack room at night due to predators).
I have many questions about raising “Reggie the Rooster” and building him a coop/pen when he is fully healed, but I need to get started now. I’ll need to get him a couple of girlfriends too….lol
This bird is so sweet and we have bonded so much in just one week. I am so thankful he found his way to my home and that I was able to care for him. I cannot believe how cruel someone was to this boy (I have been taking pictures of his progress).
I will most likely have a lot of questions as this is my first time having chickens. I have dogs, cats, a cockatiel, turtles, horses, goats and a donkey……….and now a boy chicken.
It is great that he was fortunate to find you. You will find a lot of help here, many more experienced than me. Keep up the good work. Let us know how things go with your new pet rooster.
He crowed for the very first time this morning so i think he is starting to feel better (it was music to my ears). His head is mostly scabs now and flaking off (have been misting with colloidal silver twice a day). Wound on his back is clean and healing well (have been using lugol's iodine on his back wound). Have been feeding him canned mackerel, soft boiled eggs, 23% protein scratch mixed with oats, barley, wheat, cracked corn and small bird seed.
My friend who has chickens said he is probably a green legged hatch?
Hi Kathy and Welcome too!
That roo sure was lucky to find you.You are a great nurse.Good luck with him,bless his heart.
BTW where do you find 23% protein scratch feed? Sounds like a much better protein for a treat than most.
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Hi neighbor,
I live in the foothills too. I'm so glad you have found that poor creature and are taking such good care of him.
I am sad that people can be so horrible to such beautiful creatures. I have several rescued pets and they are always the most special pets. I rehabilitate eastern cottontail rabbits, and raise a few chickens as well. Keep us informed on your roosters progress! I know that the Bible says that a rooster crows to sing his praise to God. So I was really glad that your rooster felt good enough to crow!
Blessings from Bunny!
Lucky roo! He's fortunate someone cared. Most people wouldn't have tried to help him. Poor guy must have been in horrible pain.
This story made me have tears of JOY and SAD and ANGER!!! So glad he is doing good and you shared your story with us. Would love to see picture of Reggie

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