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    I have two chickens of high value- the rooster breathes 40% of the time with its beak slightly open, nothings that abnormal- but on top of that it has a gravelly noise 50% of the time. There is no bubbly eye, a little clear mucus in the mouth and nostrils AT TIMES- eats and drink normally, sleeps a little bit more but that may be from being confined to himself. I thought gape worm because he started out shaking his head and extending it. ALL other chickens have been fine for the past 2+ weeks that this has been an issue with those two birds, one worse than the other though. Would others have shown signs if it was a serious RI by now- 2 weeks later? All birds are from NPI registered breeders.... could this be a long lasting cold? I plan to use these as breeders, should I make the very tough economic and tough ethical decision to cull these birds? I dont have A LOT of money for a vet so would like to get an idea if its a possible infection that will be a carrier for life- making them unsuitable for breeding- or something temp that can pass and wont carry for life?


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    This sounds similar to how things started with our flock. It's a long read, but may prove useful to you (and note that we've had no further issues whatsoever and everyone lives happily):

    There are also links from other users regarding their experience with other CRDs.

    One thing I can't stress enough, though is to always isolate sick birds from healthy ones as soon as you notice any symptoms.
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