Resting and chilling before freezing

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    May 5, 2012
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    I have my 8 meaties back from the processor (processed this afternoon and then refrigerated until I arrived at 6pm, and deposited into my cooler of ice).

    Am I right that they need to sit chilled for a couple of days to relax the muscle fibers in order to have more tender meat?

    I don't evsn one close to having enough space in the fridge, so I have them in a brand new large cooler. They are sitting on a layer (22lb bag poured out) of ice, and have two more 22lb bags of ice poured out on top of them.

    2 of the chickens are only covered by one layer of ice, the rest are lower down and covered by several layers.

    Am I doing this correctly?! [​IMG] And then I just replenish the ice as need be daily to keep it icy cold in there?

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