7 Years
May 29, 2012
Sadly, today one of my two baby chickens have mysteriously disappeared (probably eaten) and now the other one is restless and won't sleep at night. At night, it just runs around its box and tries to fly out. I have tried putting a towel over it and such. I know its only natural considering its his first time sleeping alone, but is there anyway to calm him down? HELP.
well he/she will get tired eventually, and go to sleep, as long as you don't keep stirring it up, by checking it. I assume that you have a heat lamp on it.

If you think something ate it, whatever did, will be back for the second chick, so you need to rethink your brooder situation. And once you got that fixed go get a couple more. Chicks are kind of precarious, but they are fun to raise.

I second everything Mrs. K said. I had a chick that I rescued that got caught in the rain the other day, poor thing I thought it was dead but here we are 3 days later! He was starting to get lonely the last 2 nights. I just left him be. But today I was able to steal him a friend from another hen, I know some people won't do that but this chick is not going to go back with it's mother since it thinks I'm mom and it will do much better with a friend. If you are able to do something of that sort you could try that. Or try putting a small stuffed animal in there, sometimes that helps.

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