Results of my first egg carton hatch


12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
My first egg carton hatch is complete. I have to say, by the beginning of day 22 I wasn't convinced, but now I am. It took 23 days and 5 hours, but...

Out of 35 eggs, I had 34 hatches, and only 1 death. I had to assist with a couple, but so far they're doing well.

I reckon I've been convinced.

I'm especially pleased with the eggs from my chickens --- I put 11 in, all 11 were fertile, and all 11 hatched. It's hard to ask for more.

That is great. I love the carton method but this weekend I was going to be gone whhile the hatch started and I was trying to make separaters for the different groups of chickens that would hatch black so I laid them on their sides. The chicks have climbed over the wire and stepping all over the other eggs. They are still hatching so I can't say for sure how many will make it but my hatching tray in the bottom oof my cabinet incubator is full
I have to say I'm just blown away. I've never had a hatch this good.

I've got some Marans eggs coming this week. I'll definitely be hatching them in the turner.

All 34 still doing well this morning
Did you mean carton instead of turner? I used the carton, and it seemed easier for the chicks to push their way out.

Quite a few folks use no cartons at all, just lay the eggs on the wire. There is no single right or wrong way!
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Whoops! Yeah, I meant in the carton.

I had several hatches where I just laid the eggs on their sides. Good hatches, but nothing like this 97% rate.

Great hatch!

I am trying the carton hatch method.
I have allot of eggs in the incubator this time and don't want them rolling all over the place, banging into each other.
I am so happy for you! I am glad that I'll be putting in eggs in the bator and hope I have as good of turn out as you do! Keep your fingers crossed for me and I am so pleased to read of your outcome!
I'm placing my eggs in a carton on Wednesday morning - last time to turn and hatch on Saturday - fingers crossed - it looks like 10 of the 15 eggs are developing - three were scrambled and two had started to develop but quit.

When you place them in the carton, it's with the air cell at the top? Yes or No?

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