Results of our first hatch!!! Pictures


11 Years
May 20, 2008
Well, after all the waiting, and the sorrow, and the wonder and amazement, we have our final results for our first hatch with our first broody hen. Mama hen dedicatedly sat on 16 eggs initially, but as the days went on she pushed 2 out of the nest. When the time was right, she hatched out 8 of the remaining 14 eggs; however, she suffocated 2 of those 8 which was soo incredibly sad. However, we are left with 6 Very cute and healthy chicks!!! Not too bad for our first hatch I think. Today I took away the last 6 eggs and candled them before trying to crack them open. ROFLOL... I totally shouldn't have. The first one was completely formed, but for whatever reason never made it through. The remaining 5 were much more .... ummm, lets say they were under quite a bit of pressure. After the first one blew and popped open
I put the rest in a ziploc bag and tapped them ever so gently with a knife - uh yeah, they all POPPED sounding like a popped balloon. Thank Goodness they were in a bag. UGH, it was Nasty. Soo glad that that is over, rotten eggs are DISGUSTING. Here are a few pictures of our new little ones, I hope you will enjoy them. Such miracles each and every hatch/birth is - it is absolutely amazing every single time.







Awww, thanks friends on the compliments of my new little chicklets!!! I am glad you liked the pictures. I am sure there will be more photos as they start growing LOL - just 'cause it is hard to resist. These cuties are a mix of either a SS roo, EE roo, or d'Uccle roo(though no one has any leg feathering). I Think they are from the SS roo though because he is our head boss of the roos. The deeper reddish chick I believe to be from a gold sex-link and the rest are probably from our BO hens. Though, I am fairly certain one of the chicks is possibly from an EE hen who lays a tan/brown egg or is the EE roo over a BO hen - because it appears one of them has a pea comb Though, I will have to watch and see how that developes, if it really is or isn't an actual pea comb. In any event, I am quite pleased with the babies. Who knows, maybe we will be blessed with another broody this year and we will get to do this all again!!
Not that I feel addicted or anything. LOL....
Beautiful babies! I love baby chick pictures! I have my bator full with 14 days to go....... I CAN"T WAIT!!!

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