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    My husband has made a concession about retiring. I have been retired for 5 years and want to get away from California (expensive EVERYTHING). I know many of you are very protective of your states and "outsiders" moving in, but I still am going to ask. I don't mind cold or hot but don't want snow or killer humidity. I want some land, (enough that I can go outside in my undies if I want). I have looked at real estate online and it's not very enlightening. How do I find some local newspapers in various areas of the country to access their archives for real estate postings? I have a friend sending me the classifieds from Connecticut, but they get snow and that really won't be one of my choices. Thanks for any guidance. [​IMG]
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    Dec 25, 2007
    Chaparral, New Mexico
    What part of the country are you looking at? I love New Mexico but it's not for everyone. I'm on the border with Texas and Mexico and although I love it a lot of people complain,, they would complain if thier fondest wish came true the way I see it.
    Around Deming and Silver City there are new areas opening where you can buy as many acres as you want and the temperature is nice, but you have to put in a well.
    Northern NM is good up by Colorado but it gets colder there and too many "Movie stars" have purchased homes around Santa Fe and Taos.
    Southern NM runs between 18 degrees to 118 degrees.
    I've been looking at moving to teach in other states and I just put that state in the search line and then scroll through the cities I'm interested in. Most of them will send you information free from the Chamber of Commerce.
    Good luck to you!
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    Central NC

    is the link to the paper in Durham,NC. It should have listings for Orange Co. which is where I live. My sister has 30 acres for sale right beside of her. Don't look at Wake Co. They are bursting at the seams. If you look at Durham, make sure you look in the area where Corey NC lives ( Bahama, Timberlake, Rougemont, NC area)rural and quiet. Don't let what the paper says scare you off from NC. Inner city Durham gives all of Durham a bad name but 90% of Durham is good.
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    Sanford N.C.

    a link to Sanford NC newpaper. We are alot smaller than Wake or Orange Co. We have alot of Industy in Sanford with land prices very good over all. We are not a big county, sort of a small country county with alot of farming and chicken producers.
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    Shepherdstown, WV
    The WV panhandle still has some affordable acreage, and the weather is good.
    We are California transplants, now here for twenty years.
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    arkansas. We are on a transitional area of in between the too humid or too snowy area. Lots of decent weather. Don't now how set you are for land but there are a few places around that are nice.

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    Southern Indiana
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    killer humidity

    That just summed up NC. I am against people moving here because there's just too many people! But I'm not lying when I say that we have terrible droughts and humidity, in fact I believe most of the east coast has killer humidity.

    If I didn't love my state to death and I wanted to move, I'd go to Wyoming (did I spell that right? lol). I've also seen real cheap land for sale in Kansas. I don't know. I wish you luck though.

    Edited to add: I don't think the mountains have to much humidity, they do get snow though.​
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    Good Luck! We moved from CA a few months ago - but you don't wanna come here to NE - its FREEZING and yeah we have snow!
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    Dec 25, 2007
    Chaparral, New Mexico
    I just want to thank everyone myself for all those links since I am looking too! I hope Homecat doesn't mind my poaching!

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