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    Jul 17, 2008
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    I have a hen that fell ill and had to separate her from the flock. After several weeks of nursing her back to health, I am trying to place her back with her sisters and brothers. She is very shy and my rooster is chasing her all the time. When I come into the area, she clings to me like "oh mom, make that boy go away and left me alone." I assume he's trying to let her know who's in charge. Is it ever likily that he would kill her? I just want to make sure I am not stressing her out too soon. Appreciate anyones feedback. As a side note, I recently discovered that both chicks I got from a straight run appears to both be males. They are the same age, but one clearly showed his true colors several weeks ago. The other is just now revealing himself. I really didn't want two roosters, so is the concensus to keep the one that appears less aggressive?
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    You could place her in the run or coop but in a separate cage where they could get used to her, but not hurt her. Even if you could only do it for a few hours. Do that for about a week, then when they are roosting at night, go in and put her on a roost or in a nesting box. I've read that the chickens don't notice it as much if you introduce one at night.


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