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    A while back we had a hen manage to scratch & squeeze her way out of the tractor where our Spaniel got to her. She had some plucked areas and a couple of areas of torn skin . She is well on her way back to 100%. We attempted to re-introduce her back to her old flock friends, but within seconds the other hens were on her and going for her new feathers.

    What is the proper way to get them all back together? Right now we have 5 laying and the one that follows us around the yard like a puppy...

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    Keep her in the coop, but separated, for about a week so that they have a chance to get used to seeing eachother again. After a week put her on the roost after dark and check on her early in the morning. There's going to be some shuffling of the pecking order, but as long as she can get away it'll equilibrate again.

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