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Oct 7, 2012
Hello folks, thank you to everyone who gave advice on caring for my sick hens, 'Stella' and 'Bean.'
Bean had to be put down humanely last weekend. Stella, though, seems to be getting better.

She has been kept in a crate (I get her out for part of the day) for the past three weeks or so now, and I'm not sure what's the best procedure for returning her to the flock. I will be gone over the weekend, so I need to get her back with them by then, as there won't be anyone else to give specialized attention.

Her symptoms were: assymmetrical balance, toppling over, listlessness. At first, she wasn' teven standing much. Now she stands and walk around-- though isn't nearly as active as a typical chicken, and still seems a little off balance sometime. I wonder will she be able to roost? I don't know if she will, and it's cold out. So I would like to check at night the first night, though I don't know the best way to tell (I think I could tell her apart, but in the dark, I'm not sure).

I plan to set her in the ranging area today and see how she and the others respond.

Advice much appreciated. What's the best process?

I had success with letting a fully healed hen forage with the others for about an hour under close supervision every evening for about a week. The first couple of nghts she went to roost with the others I removed her after a few minutes/ half hour. The second week was touch and go as the #1 and 2 hen went after her a couple of times, and I removed them for several hours more than once.I also increased the number of feeder/waterers so everyone thought there was more food because it was spread out more. The process took about two weeks before I was satisfied she had successfully re-intergrated. The last hen I had out, I put back too soon/ didn't remove at night and she was attacked by #1hen and is back in isolation now. Hope this helps, good luck

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