Reuniting ducks after injury?


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May 24, 2020
Hello! One of my ducks was attacked by something (my guess is a raccoon) about a week and a half ago. I have been nursing her back to health in the bathroom shower and a couple days ago I moved her to an enclosure on her porch as the wound is no longer open. It’s getting smaller everyday and is now mostly fresh skin and feathers coming back in. There’s a small area that’s still a hard scab but it’s healed very well! My question is, can I put her back outside with the ducks? Also, I bought a coop and they are being put away in that every night now inside an enclosed/fenced area that was originally a garden area. So hopefully no one is attacked again. I’m worried about them possibly pecking at the scab but I’m also worried about them being kept separate for so long? They can hear each other quacking it’s not like they’re far apart they’re just not physically together and can’t see each other. I know she is dying to get back out there but I’m so worried about her getting hurt or something. Oh and about two days ago one of her talons/nails came out? It was a little bloody and idk how it came out. She seemed totally fine I just saw the blood and noticed the nail was gone. So I’m just a bit on edge about her getting hurt again and would like some advice and opinions. Thank you!!
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It sounds like it has healed to the point she can be let out once again with the other ducks, but just for some reassurance you could post a picture of the wound, and we can take a look at it if you want.

The only way your going to be able to figure out if they're going to peck at it, is to let her out with them, just watch her for the first few hours and see if they act in any way aggressive towards her.

Keep us posted!
Okay I just let her out! They were all making the cutest little noises and you could tell they were happy to see her. They're currently walking around picking at the grass and looking for bugs. I'm going to be keeping an eye on them all day and then checking the wound at night to make sure it looks fine.
Ugh so they started picking at it :( luckily not bad enough to make it bleed or anything but I think they pulled out a couple feathers because it’s more visible. I guess I’ll just wait until it’s completely healed.
So since I brought her back in yesterday she has been quacking her head off. I think I've almost made her more upset because she was with them and now she's separated again. Any tips to get her to calm down?

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