*&* Revenge of The Lion Kings ~RP~ *&*


9 Years
Jul 28, 2014
It was one morning in africa when the Lion prides were up and hunting, nomadic males came and started marking their territory inside your territory. Your not happy right now And you lead on the attack with all of your females… The nomadic males have won and you have moved your whole pride and are trying to strengthen in numbers too come back on the nomads and retake your land.. It won't be easy you must raise your family well so that, your the strongest in the final battle, this means enough food and water and protection from your pride males.

  • No cussing (Or you will be asked to stop Rp'ng)
  • all BYC rules apply
  • No Drama
  • Protector male, or dominant female (PM me)
  • No details in breeding or (Having a cub)
  • Fighting may occur but keep it low
  • no goddmodeling
  • Have fun!


Kurguri pride lives on the east side of africa and had the smallest strip of territory (Until it got taken) they also have 2 males (Brothers) it also is luscious in prey, but It comes only once a year. The pack has know to be very strong,smart,cunning. They do have a bad side that you don't want too see..

Bleyenburghi pride- Lives right next to the Kurgui pride and had a bigger territory this pride has 2 male (Cousins) and is excellent at hunting but lacks in raising young…

Asanica and Nubica pride- Is excellent at raising young, best at hunting and has 1 male protector.. Fights mostly with the "Sengelensis Pride".

Sengelensis Pride- Has a good size territory but lacks in kindness, best fighters, and loves to bully on the other prides they have 2 (Brothers) for protection, terrible at raising young. And doesn't need help with winning their territory over.


Dominant Female: Leader of the whole pride and usually lead the attacks
Dominant Male- Don't participate of hunts and mark their territory so that other males will be warned not to cross the line

Members: Make up the Pride (Unlimited)
Cubs: They are the Prides generation whether they are taken care of will determine if its important enough to the whole pride (Unlimited)

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Mate: None yet
Rank: Dominant Male
History: Has won over this pride from another pride
Personality:Kind,loyal,patient father, everyone knows he is King of his territory
Pride/Family: Asanica and Nuba Pride
Pups: None
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Name: Taska
Age: 2
Gender: F
Mate: None
Rank: Dominant Female
History: Was born in the line of "Dominant Female"
Personality: bossy, good fighter, terrible mother
Pride/Family: Sengeleisis
Pups: None

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