Reversed paw


6 Years
Apr 12, 2014

Two months old chicks new flock of 8 barred rock . We just found out one has a paw with the toes completely closed and she walks on it. It it like walking on a fist.

Is she permanently disabled?
Will she survive the introduction to the flock of 12?
My wife says let her continue and we will see how she is doing. I hesitate to keep a hens that may or nay not make it and not produce eggs in 4 months. What would you do?

Thank you
Update: i sat down and observed her for 10 minutes. When she walks, the toes work normally. The foot is flat. When she stops walking, the toes close like a fist. Sometimes, she will stand on open toes, sometimes on closed toes. But as soon she stops to walk, the toes close and she may open them or not to stand on them.

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