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Jul 9, 2016
Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with feeding laying hens either Dumor or Purina chicken feed? I’m thinking about changing to one of these.
When I first got into chickens, about 9 years ago, I used Purina Layena feed once my hens started laying. When my flock began to change due to aging out of laying, new girls added, etc. I couldn't separate the different feeds for their different needs. At that point I went with Purina Flock Raiser to cover all life stages of my hens, BUT I make sure to supplement with oyster shells and with finely crushed eggshells so those who need the extra calcium for egg-laying have that option.

I have not tried the Dumor chicken feeds so can't offer comment on them, although I use and like several Dumor horse feed products.

I'd prefer to use an organic chicken feed but my girls turn their beaks up at any organic I've tried to introduce. Hope that helps!
I use Dumor Layer Feed. It works just fine. I was using Layena All Flock, but for some dumb reason my Tractor Supply discontinued it! So now it's Dumor 16% pellet layer feed. I also buy 24% chick crumbles and give everyone a dish of that once a week to be sure they get enough protein. Works for my flock.
My birds didn't like it, the feed was way dustier, and they molted heavier/ longer. Also, as I recall, lower egg production. It's usually pretty fresh at TSC, so although I wasn't always checking mill dates then, it probably was fresh.
It's a choice, and chickens hate change, so jumping from one thing to another isn't always best.
Try something and see how it goes. Buy fresh, by mill date!
I've found that everyone does better on the higher protein, better feed, with separate extra calcium.
If I had a flock of 100% small laying hens, maybe it would be different.
A friend of mine has also has a mixed flock, several breeds, ages, and sexes, and feeds Layena. Her birds molt harder than my group. Lower protein, so a tougher time growing feathers? I don't know, but wonder.

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