Rhode Island Red Chicks for Sale. Pickup in Colorado Only, no Shipping.


12 Years
May 21, 2009
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My Coop
We are a small family owned hobby hatchery located in Bailey CO and we sell only one kind of chicken: Rhode Island Reds. Why? Because we think this breed is the best backyard chicken that money can buy. They are very friendly and lay the most and biggest brown eggs of any chicken. They are very cold tolerant and their dark color discourages predators. They are also heavy enough to be considered a meat chicken (they are classified as 'dual purpose'). This is a very high quality pure strain and breeds true. Check out our website for more info and to order your adorable baby chickens! We list new chicks every week or two and hatch all year long, even a few through the winter! We only sell 20-100 chicks a month and they go fast so check back often!


(or send us an e-mail!)
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Actually I'm not sure. I got them from a guy who got them from another guy who got them from another guy... Not sure where the line originated. But they are living up to their name. It's mid November, it's cold and dark and I'm still getting over a dozen eggs a day from 18 hens!

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