Rhode Island Red color


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Apr 17, 2010
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I'm just a chicken owner, and not a breeder, but I read somewhere that the darkness of color in these birds is desirable.

Are these three what you would call well colored?


Just curious,

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Yes Real RIRs are supposed to be dark Red, Where did you get yours from ? The the are fairly well colored and typed but still could be a little darker but they are still darker and have more correct tail angles than most hatchery Production Reds.
Thanks for the comments.

Last Monday, I went to a local village market expecting to find the "chicken lady" who sells all kinds of fowl, and as it is still winter here, I guess she decided to stay home that day. I had found a local farmer via a French site kinda like Craig's list who was selling some 5 month old RIR's. So when the chicken lady wasn't there, I called him and he only lived a half mile from the market. Sometimes here, you can drive ten miles into the mountains on one lane roads to get to a farm, (like mine), that has a mailing address only listing the town, so I was happy to hear he was close.

Anyway, he had nice chickens, some big Buff Orpingtons, and a couple other breeds, but mostly RIR's and he had two big beautiful RIR roosters. I still want to get a couple Sussex, and one or two more just to color things up.

I was in the fly fishing business all my life and the RIR produced feathers much prized for that dark mahogany color, and I was curious whether these "farm birds" fit the mold for the breed.


There not bad.
About average for surface color but they look to lack in under color (under color is way to light), they need better tail angle and there needs to be more Black in the tail..
They need time to fill out. Where did you get them from?

The one on the far left has the best color, the one on the far right is the best overal, how old are they?

I would say they look like production hatchery birds. You could breed some nice ones from selecting among them.

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