Rhode Island Red - Recovered but Sick Again

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    Feb 16, 2008
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    I recently posted regarding my RIR, only symptom was that she couldn't support her own weight. We gave her aviacharge as suggested from a fellow chicken blogger and I swear it saved her. When reintroduced into the flock after two weeks isolated things didn't go well. She is still stressed out and not part of the click. They still beat up on her, have plucked her feathers out of top of head. I noticed on Saturday that she was having difficulty breathing with mouth open but when calm doesn't have her mouth open. I know there are a bunch of respiratory diseases out there. At first I thought maybe it was because it was the first 80 degree day we had in Seattle and it was a shock to her system and she was panting, but it's cold again and it's still happening. I'm just wondering if her immune system was already weakened from the leg weakness issue and now she is fighting a cold or something. She sort of sounds like she is sneezing, but not sure what a chicken sneeze sounds like. She is walking around and drinking. Not into food so much though.

    Any advice on what to do for just a cold-stress induced illness? She is inside and warm in her crate.

    Thanks, Lisa
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    Welcome fellow washingtonian/seattlite! I would keep her in until she is up to full strength. The others probably sensed her weakness and beat on her. As for what to do more than to keep her comfortable and try to recover her... not sure. She will have a rough time intergrating back and fighting off the rest to get a spot in the pecking order though if she's not strong enough.

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