Rhyme/ same first letter game


9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
New Mexico(yes its in the USA)
How To play:
It's really simple, what you do is someone will post the first word you either have to think of a word the rhymes with it or, think of a word that starts with the same letter.The words can be anything that is family friendly it can be a name a state a city anything! The game just keeps going and going. I learned it on another forum and it was very popular!

You can't say the same word someone says
You can't say the same word and add an s to the end or and ed it has to be a different word
The words have to be English and real
Have fun
Don't argue
all BYC rules apply

Player 1: Pie
Player 2: Guy
Player three: Gym
and so on...

It can be in any order like rhyme same letter rhyme or anything

I'll start!

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