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    For those who need to know this, there is a place in Johnston, RI that will process birds for 3.75/bird. Baffoni's. I could see them doing it. Good family run operation. Nice folks. Near Central Mass and Eastern CT if anyone needs the info.

    Ok, so our 1 Cornish X went to Freezer Camp today. Mixed blessing. I didn't have to do it, but this was an animal that survived attack by coyotes and was almost a pet. Left her (our rooster "loved" her and tried to mate several times!) in a cat crate in the early morning and just walked away.

    Ok, so is anyone else ever upset at the thought of killing one that you have had to raise, practically hand reared and was actually a lovely bird? The combination of feeding occasionally, giving meal worms (lots) and letting free range made a nice, albeit waddling bird that dressed out at 6 3/4 pounds. Not huge at 9 weeks, but a good size.

    Still it was hard leaving the kennel there and when I came back to pick her up, on the way there, all I could think was "I hope it was quick and painless." I will appreciate her gift of life...

    Leviticus 3:8 called to mind here where the Isrealites had to put their hand on the head of the sacrificial animal before it was slayed and given to the temple and it's priests.

    and now I am thinking of way to "burn the offering" ie. cook this tasty hand reared bird...

    Any suggestions for the first bird I've eaten in 14 years since becoming a vegetarian?
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    Beer can chicken?
    Good stuff!
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    enjoy... [​IMG]

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