RI Hen displaying Squatting leg/unbalancrd, after fatigued

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    My Rhode Island red hen (8 months or so) had raised some alarm with me 3 weeks ago. She stopped roosting, and was found hiding. Quickly I took her and separated her from the flock in her own kennel, making it dark and quiet for her to relax. As a few days passed she became fatigued so much she couldn't eat or drink, I began to syringe feed her water mixed with honey, as well as pure garlic juice mixed with water. To my surprise she came back "to life", fast moving, healthy appetite YET she cannot move her legs well, she keeps bobbing back as if squatting. Seeming weak, other birds once I let her out to see her walk pecked at her, she shreked and passed out? When I pick her up she would also look as if she was falling asleep.
    Comb, everything looks healthy, except for her legs and strange weakness.

    *image from her weakest point. She is much healthier now.

    Thanks so much!
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    I would put her in a dog kennel somewhere in the house where it is warm/dark/quiet.I would stop giving her the garlic and start her on poultry vitamins such as Sav-a-Chick or poultry Nutri Dench.Syringe feed herher water often and offer Eggs and tuna for extra protein.Keeping her hydrated is very important.Many Diseases,Disorders can cause paralysis in the legs such as Mareks,Nutrition Deficiency,Obesity and many foot infections.If she doesn't improve it would be best to take her to a avian vet.

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