Rice hulls in the winter?

Lil Chickie Mama

10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I have access to literally TONS of rice hulls (about 13 ton a year or so) and it's already on my property and for the nice price of free. I've loved using the rice hulls in the spring and summer months, and so far for the fall as we haven't had rain yet, but does anyone know how they will hold up in the winter? We don't get much rain (about 12 inches over the whole winter/spring) and no snow or anything, but where the chickens are at, there may be some floor flooding/saturation when it starts. I was planning on replacing the hulls with sand for extra drainage, but since it's just sitting here and we can't get rid of all of it (and it's not tarped so it won't stay dry) I'm wondering how they would hold up. If only I had a cow or something that produced a lot of manure I'd have loads of compost!

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