Riding Steers


14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
Hey everyone When I get my bottle baby holstein calf I plan on training him to ride. How old does he have to be or how much does he have to weigh to be ridden? I weigh 165.

Cattle, especially dairy types, are not amused with this type of activity !
Please go to Church, light a couple dozen candles , and say a few Hail Marys and make sure your health insurance is all paid up and will cover any injury before attempting this venture.
Lol, and when you are done with all that, wait two years until you ride him. Do be sure to lean all over him & put things on his back from when he is a baby though or you will have the fireworks the previous poster mentioned. I sometimes ride my milk cows to the milking parlor when nothing else gets them there in a timely fashion. They aren't particularly bothered by it.

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