Ring Neck pheasants suddenly dying


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
My ringneck pheasants are around 16 weeks old and a couple weeks ago one appeared weak and kinda timid and tame allowing me to pick it up and handle it after a few days it died. Now a couple weeks later again another one the samething he is wondering around circles almost like he is stunned idk if he is gonna die yet but it doesn't look good anyone know what this could be. Its 2 males now none of the females thus far seem to be affected. I know they fight a bit but neither bird is worst for wear no cuts or lessions etc please help.
Is it possible that they may have jumped up and smashed their head into something?What temp is your brooder at?It's always good to give new hatchlings vitamins and electrolytes in their water once a week.
In N.H.,Tony.
There 16 weeks old and in a 8 foot high coop while inside but could be possible I see no other reason for them just to be dying off randomly like that. I have really had no luck with these birds so far I bought a dozen and so far I have lost half of them due to random death from fighting etc.
Okay, so for ringneck pheasants you need to keep them in a flying pen. If you keep then in a coop/cage made out of wire and wood they will kill themselves by flying up and hitting their head. I raise 500 every season and we never have that problem because we raise them in flying pens. We use netting not wire that way it doesn't hurt them when they fly up into it if they do.
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