Ringneck dove sitting on empty nest


Mar 24, 2018
I have a ringneck dove that is acting like a female mate with my male. However, she is hard sitting on a nest that has no eggs. She is young, but I don't know how old exactly. I have checked the nest a couple of times, and she acts protective when I have checked it but does not leave it. Is this normal?
In ring necks, males share incubating duties, so you may have a male. Usually males will fight, but I had 2 males live together amicably for 3 years. Then they started fighting and had to be separated. Have you gotten any eggs yet?
Alot of times they will sit on a nest for a week or two before laying eggs. They are probably just getting the nest ready for eggs and are protective of it.
Yes they were laying eggs. I actually found out I have 2 females and a male in the same pen. The male mated with both females and they both produced eggs but only two chicks made it. Its been pretty awesome watching them grow up though!

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