Ringneck hatching question.. ????


9 Years
May 16, 2010
I have a clutch of ringneck pheasants, chukar and quail supposed to be hatching out today. Nobody is doing anything.. I have a homemade incubator that keeps pretty perfect temp all the time, i can open the door and it doesnt drop temp unless i have it open for an extended period of time (like a minute or longer). Well i took my candler and candled one of my eggs last night at about 10 and saw that the baby was trying to pip through into the air cell. I left it alone and havnt checked it since. I dont know if it made it into the air cell or not, but my question is, how long does it normally take them to make it through that? and how long between internal pip and external pip? I am anxious and dont wanna lose anybody
Don't open the incubator. It drops the humidity and then you'll have bigger problems.
My incubator actually keeps humidity for a short time with the door open. keeps perfect temp for up to two minutes of the door being open (i timed it) lol! So far i have 2 pheasants, 1 chukar and 1 quail hatched (my only one) and have several more pipped including two of three duck eggs. I did have to help the little chukar, he was shrink wrapped in his egg.. ( my bowl ran out of water over night and i didnt catch it so he got too dry) I now have two bowls in there to keep humidity up and still i have to refill one of the two every other day. Now i have another little pheasant that pipped out the wrong end of the shell, afraid hes gonna get stuck as well.. Keeping a close eye on him, hes been there since yesterday..

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