ringneck pheasant in ARK or tractor?

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  1. BaronRenfrew

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    Hey Folks:

    I'm starting over and want to know if ringneck pheasants (a pair or trio) can do well in an ARK or tractor. I plan to build one with the bottom two feet boarded to that my dog doesn't startle them. Of course it will be moved around the yard.

    I miss the pheasant's crow.
  2. SamG347

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    Mar 4, 2007
    I would say they could...but how big of a tractor are we talking.
  3. Chickerdoodle13

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    Mar 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    It will have to be a BIG tractor for pheasants. Pheasants, unlike most chickens, require a LOT of space. I forget the exact specifications, but I know the pheasants will pick at each other if given too little space. They can be vicious! Also, with such long tails, you would want to give them enough space so that the feathers don't get ruined!

    It would be difficult to make a tractor large enough to hold a pair or trio and still be able to move it around. There is a gomebird forum (I forget the name of it) but they have wonderful pictures of pheasant pens. I know the recommended space for pheasants would fit several of my chicken coops inside them, and my chicken coops are pretty large!
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  4. BaronRenfrew

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    Updating what I mean here. I've attached a link to a pheasant housing site that shows an ark http://www.avianweb.com/housingpheasants.html

    Unfortunately no plans or other info is included. It's obvious from the pic that it's 2/3 wood and a foot of wood at bottom of last 1/3 to try and keep them calm.

    I've also seen a pic from a book on pheasants from a state agriculture site or University showing pheasants in movable pens that llok no bigger than 4X6. It notes that pens are small enough to be serviced from outside and eggs retreived with a tool.

    I also found a site showing pictures of pheasant "battery" operations in Britain that show 1 rooster and 8 hen ringnecks in a cage that's 4X6. The birds have nose rings and are hard on each other. I wouldn't do that as it is too cruel for these birds to be in such close confinement.

    When I was young (age 13) I knew nothing about birds and kept a pair in a cage in the basement all winter. I remember the cage being not bigger than 3X4. The next winter I kept them in the barn in a space 4X3. They weren't happy but survived. (They got the run of the chicken pen in summer which was in the barn 8X14).

    I need something that is collapsible or movable as I won't live here long (maybe 3 years).

    I plan to build an ark 4X8. I can move it around to get eggs so no reason to go inside. Or I will build a nest box. They will get fresh ground daily. If it doesn't work, I can put netting around my shed but its fixed so no fresh greens.

    Or how about the same ark with partridges? Thinking chukars.

    Again any input appreciated.
  5. BaronRenfrew

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    Hey Folks: Still looking for input on this idea. Bought a pair of ringnecks today at a bird auction. In the shed now and will begin building pen tomorrow.
  6. LinckHillPoultry

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    Jan 17, 2008
    My ringneck lives with my call duck and east indie duck... also my male golden pheasant.

    She just recently started laying!

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