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Nov 23, 2010
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It is horrific. Two wrongs don't make a right but some day, those initial wrongs have to come to an end.
Police reaction to the crimes of driving while black and walking while black need to stop. The targeting has happened here where I live forever. I'm old and it has been going on all my life. Those targeted have always known about it but most of the rest of us weren't aware till camera evidence has become the norm. Thank goodness there is finally proof of the criminal activity of those who are supposed to protect us.
When will all people be treated equally? Perhaps not until the perpetrators of the original crimes are duly prosecuted and not given a pass because they are police and have a too chummy relationship with the justice departments of their jurisdiction. There needs to be independent investigations and prosecutions.
The rioting and property damage is plain wrong and goes against MLK's and Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence. But every incidence of rioting in past years going back to the Selma and Watts riots have started as a result of police brutality and murder. Those are all in my lifetime but it goes back even further. The Tulsa race massacre of 1921 all the way back to the Hardscrabble and Snow Town riots of 1824 to 1831 when mobs of whites destroyed black homes which was started when a black man refused to get off the sidewalk when approached by a group of whites. Things haven't really changed that much in 200 years.
If more of the racist police officers would have seen prison time, the rest of them would cool their jets.
Police have a very difficult job and I would never want to do it but there is no trust. No trust that the entity that is supposed to serve and protect won't kill you.
It may be hard to comprehend for those who don't live it, but where I live, I see racism every day and have all my life. I'm a short bike ride away from Ferguson, MO.
It is terrible that innocents are being targeted when peaceful protests turn violent.
We have a nation in chaos. Does anyone have an answer?
This chaos puts the irrational disdain for Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during the national anthem into perspective. If the country doesn't work for everyone, it doesn't work for anyone.
My message to all the young people rioting is the same as that of the Atlanta Mayor. Don't destroy things if you want things to change, register to vote and vote at every election. That is the way to produce real peaceful change.
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