RIR 11 weeks, supposed to be hen but looks more like roo. Help!!


Jul 20, 2016
Eastern Idaho

Got this rhode island red along with another rir and 2 barrod rocks May 4th. Umfotunatly we lost the other rir and one of the br's aswell. All were supoosed to be pullets. This one however is looking more like a roo. I am not exepierenced at this and dont have any other rir to compare to. Chika(hen name, will be chiko if roo) had to be removed from the coop yesterday because my other brown leghorn roo has been attacking her. This is another reason i started to doubt wether she is really a she or if chika is actually a chiko. This is my first attempt at raising chickens. Any help is gratley appriciated.
Thank you for the response. That is a little disapointing. That means i have four roosters and 4 hens. That makes 2 cockerals that were supposed to be pullets.

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