RIR and RIW: at what age do rooster traits begin to appear?


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
I'm new to chickens and new to this forum, and am looking for information about my 10 week old RIR and RIW (hopefully) hens. I check them every day, looking for signs of combs and wattles turning red, or looking for spur elongation, tail feathers going upright, etc. Not sure what else to look for besides the obvious crowing, which-knock on wood- hasn't happened.

Can any of the resident experts tell me when these things would likely occur if I do have any males? Are there other indicators that I'm unaware of?

Thanks in advance!
Most Rhoad Island Reds and Rhoad Island White should show signs of being a rooster a around 4 weeks or so younger if you got them from a hatchery. Did you get them from a Hatchery?
Welcome from sunny Florida!
My "reds" (rhode island? new hampshire? production? not sure) have all been obvious from day one if you know what to look for.

I have two sets, 1 set of 14 week olds, 1 set of 3 week olds.....

Of the two 3 week old chicks.....One is obviously a cockerel. Thick legs, almost no tail feathers, slow feathering, larger comb, very tall stance. The other appears to be a pullet, thin legs, very advanced feathering, almost no comb, and very "squatty".

Here is a picture taken tonight of my 14 week old REDS (Rir?). One obvious pullet, one very very very (very!) obvious cockerel.


Here they were at around 11 weeks? It was the closest I could find to 10 week old pics....


If you post pics, we can help you know for sure!
I got them from a feed store, but I have no idea where they got them. I'd guess they ordered them from a hatchery somewhere because they were supposed to be sexed.

The egg co-op that I work with ordered 50+ chicks last fall, which were supposed to be sexed and all one breed, but they were various breeds and 80% male !!! so I'm very leery of ending up with roosters a second time.

But if, as you say, they should be exhibiting obvious signs of maleness by now then maybe I can stop worrying.


Thanks for the photos. My reds both look like your pullets, and the white just looks like a white version of the same bird. Very small comb, and tiny almost non-existent wattles.

One of the reds is friendly and puts up with me picking her up, but the other two are very skittish and peck at me. I know that they all have different personalities, but I'm hoping that the two skittish ones will eventually mellow out, or I'm going to have trouble should they ever have health problems.

Thanks for taking the time to post photos.

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