RIR Hatching Eggs OR RIR Chicks, Paying Your Price

kaylee gee

9 Years
Jul 5, 2012
I am having a hankering for some new blood in my flock! I would love to hatch out my own eggs again (would be my second time attempting it), but I would also be okay with new chicks (or if local, some slightly older pullets would be okay). If the chicks are already hatched, I would prefer mostly pullets and one cockerel.

How many I would get depends on several factors, so just let me know how many you have, whether they are eggs/chicks/pullets, and how much you would like to get for them. Also if they are eggs or chicks let me know how much shipping would be and if you have any shipping guarantees.

Thanks, y'all!
I have Rose Comb and Single Comb Heritage RIR (Gary Underwood line). The Rose Comb also produces Single Combs. $2 per egg, 6 for $10, or 12 for $20. Shipping is $15 ($13 for 6 eggs). I do send extras if possible. My only guarantee (as with most that ship eggs) is that you receive the amount requested unbroken.

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