risky to vaccinate only some chix for Marek's?


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May 31, 2014
Info I've read says that the chix are "shedding" the virus for 10 days after vaccination, so, does that mean if I put an unvaccinated chick in with recently vaccinated ones that I am putting her at risk of contracting the disease? I have a small backyard flock that is in the process of growing to about 21 birds through hatching. For reasons too complicated to go into, they are hatching over a two week period. I ordered 3 vials of Marek's vaccine from Jeffers after checking that it is recommended for my area. Used the last of it yesterday with four eggs still unhatched. Well, one hatched this morning. So, the others may yet as well. Hence my question. Need to know if I need to keep unvaccinated chix in separate brooder until new vaccine arrives.

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
There is no problem mixing vaccinated and unvaccinated chicks together! The issues are with protecting the vaccinated chicks from exposure to the disease before they develop protection from the vaccine. Isolation for two weeks is best. Mary

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