Roaches at home.

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    Feb 18, 2013
    Anyone here have knowledge on killing roaches? I live on the second floor of a small two story apartment. I keep my home pretty clean, of course there are times a few breadcrumbs may be left in the kitchen but it is impossible to be perfectly clean. I have had a roach problem for the past 3-4 months now, the middle size smaller roaches, not the huge ones. We have a exterminator that comes once a month but his spray do not seem to work at all. He keeps blaming me indirectly for not keeping the place clean enough even though he has never seen my place dirty once.

    Just a couple days ago, I found out that the other 2 neighbors next to me have the same issue and when I talked about them to the exterminator and the landlord together, they denied!!! but when I said I spoke to them clearly, they flipped the story and BLAMED THEM TOO for eating pizza and leaving crumbs.

    Now my question is..... no matter how dirty someones house is... isnt the stuff they spray supposed to kill these roaches?? even if for a couple days only?... because this stuff he uses does not make a tick of difference. I have never found a single roach dead other than the ones I kill myself. I mean, what is the point of the freaking spray if it doesnt make any difference? The exterminator keeps telling me this is the strongest spray in the market.

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    Jan 29, 2013
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    You might try getting some pesticide yourself. I use a product called Demon. It comes in a powder that you mix with water. I spray it around the outside of the house and it seems to keep all the creepy crawlies out. You can get it at most feed stores. Then I would get some spectracide from home depot for inside use. I live in the country with a large variety of bugs and this works for me, best of luck but one thing is roaches build a tolerance up for certain pesticides over time so you have to continually change it up! Best of luck to you
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    There are some indoor pesticides that are effective but I don't like using pesticides unless I have to.

    I use boric acid that I get from Veatch Chemical in St. Louis. It is a powder that you use to dust in places where roaches crawl. It gets into their joints and they die from loss of fluids.
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    Jul 6, 2012
    tes boric acid works...put some in drains and near them,in corners,and every place you them but not in reach of children or things you use very much and pets..

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    if your neighbors has them and they don't spray or try to control them around you you will have then UNTILL all neighbor are treated for Roaches. but I can give you a few idea I have a book that it says to rid you house of it I needed this book about a year ago I lived with them for that long my husband didn't want to bomb which if he did in the begining we would od got rid of them you bomb and in a week or maybe two you bomb again let me get my book this has it for all kinds of roaches I thought there was onlt one kind in the USA

    get a bowl put in it eqaul parts of Baking soda and powered (convetionary) sugar put it were you see roaches make sure it is not where children and pets are .

    Take a coffe can and in the bottom put bead soaked with beer when done put the cap on the top and throw it away.

    Take boric acid place it in the cracks and crevis where raoches are make sure not to be around children or animals it is poisoness.

    Get a bucket

    1/2 pound boric acid
    2 pounds powdered sugar (x10)
    1/2 oz cocoa powder
    1 oz sodium floride ( from pharmacy)

    place all of it in a bucket mix well spinkleit around where you see raoches this is also toxic

    get hedge aplles (I have no clue where these are to be found) and put one in each room the the roaches are they grow in TX and OK I had to look them up.

    get a medium sized jar and put a banana piece in the bottom grease the sides with vasieline and put a plank for them to walk up when enough are in the jar close it and throw it away.

    1/2 cup of all purpose flour
    1/8 cup granulated suger
    1/4 cup of lard
    8 ozs of boric acid

    mix all together make small ball and put the balls where you have seend roaches but this is to keep away from pets and children poisoness

    mix 2 tbs hot sause any kind will do, put in one quart of water mix well spray areas where you see roaches
    they should not come back.

    to one quart of tap water add

    1 crushed clove of garlic
    1 table spoon of cyenne pepper
    1 cushed small white oinon

    place the mixture on the range and let it come to a simmer remove from heat and let it seep for an hour before putting it in a sprayer spray where you see them

    This is all I have

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  6. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I would use bait.They eat it,take it back to others,and everyone DIES.Glue traps to see activity.Bait is best. I remember when we bought a condo,and come 1 month later the pest control came to bait. I was FURIOUS it was not disclosed prior to purchase..Pregnant and wih a toddler I did not want them spraying.They used the bait.We moved out asap.
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    Get rid of the trailer trash renters in the area and the roaches will follow them. Roaches won't stay where there is no habitat for them.

  8. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    A roach can find a habitat anywhere. I once read that a roach can find everything it needs for sustenance inside a television set. Now I read that some years ago. That may not be true for the new TV's. But roaches are adaptable. I have seen roaches, big ones, in the halls of a courthouse and in a newer fancy upscale grade school in Saratoga, California.
  9. My daughter has a recipe using boric acid and bacon grease and flour .. . mix it till it will stick together in balls and lay them around . . .she worked in a restaurant that had them terrible, and some old lady gave her the recipe. She said you have to keep them going, because once they harden they won't eat them, but they take themselves back to the nest and die and the others eat them and die. The other recipe on here is also GREAT. .. .another epidemic that is going on right now is bedbugs. Worst thing EVER. Will cost a fortune to get rid of them, whether you do it yourself or have an exterminator come in, which is nothing but toxins in your household . . .they are rampant in college dorms, hotels, and anywhere that travelers from Europe are using. They can live up to 18 months with NO food or water, and can hide in the most minute places you can imagine. NOTHING is exempt from these beasties. Scare me to death. Keep all your stuff on tile in hotels and stuff, as they hate cold hard things. .. . .and NEVER put your stuff away without running it thru the dryer first for at least 20 min. as hot as is safe for the fabrics, and put an alcohol soaked cotton ball in a semi closed baggie in your suitcase.That is my idea, but alcohol kills everything. . .so can't hurt.

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    Feb 7, 2008
    broken bow
    use fire ant killer use the power form use where kid and pet can t get to it

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