roaches in the to harvest for treats?


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Apr 20, 2015
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I wonder if you could construct something they’d hide in/under between the source and the coop? I’m thinking something they’d hide under and you’d “flip over” when you let the flock out to serve breakfast. No idea if it’d work or if there’s something you could use to attract them to...but a thought.
exactly what I'm envisioning. Roaches are known for loving flat, tight dark and damp places. Cardboard, plywood, etc lying on the ground or loosely stacked are usually havens for roaches, crickets and other buggies.

I've tried leaving old rotting pieces of plywood on the ground around the coop with little success in attracting the roaches. They come from the sewer straight to the coop's storage compartment and bypass anything lying flat on the ground.

I've stacked pieces of cardboard inside the actual storage space the roaches are gathering in with zero luck so far. They seem to prefer that plastic bag of random things or to hid behind the assorted buckets of coop paint or metal tins of scratch. They are mere inches away from the nesting boxes but "just" outta sight from the chickens. It's possible the chickens already grab one or two roaches from inside the coop on occasion.

I could just empty everything out of the storage and sweep ever roach I can out onto the ground and chase them out of the cracks and crevasses...but that's exactly the work I'm trying to avoid. Just what to easily "flick" a few out onto the ground for the chickens and then wait for some new roaches to move in the next day and repeat, repeat, repeat...a self-restocking snack bar...

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