Roaches in the coop


10 Years
May 28, 2010
Carson, Iowa
I am pretty sure they are roaches anyway. I noticed them first a couple of weeks ago when I went to collect eggs. A couple of them were hanging out behind the nest access door. We don't have them in the house, but it is only maybe 75 feet away from us. I'd imagine they came from the wood shavings or feed bags I brought home from the farm supply store.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get rid of them and not endanger my flock?
Back when i was a lot younger and could MOVE! I would go out at nite w/flashlight and catch a bunch of waterbugs and wood roaches and hold them in a jar til morning. Then dump them out in front of chickens. . . On them faster than a Junebug! As long as your not spraying or dusting with insecticide, and why do that around your animals?. . . it should be ok. Mine never complained. Q
There's no real way to keep roaches away, specially outside...If a nuclear winter can't kill them, then you most likely can't. Even with insecticide....very very very much impossible. Did you know when one dies, if it still has eggs inside they hatch and then eat the mother? So, if you kill 100, thats just more food for the rest....creeppy little buggers.

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