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Langshan Lover
11 Years
Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
So one of my males is probably not going to make it to Pennsylvania with the rest of us. He's an older bird so I'm fairly certain it's from stress. He's nothing special but the question is...should he expire, how do I dispose of him along the way??
A McDonalds dumpster??
I'm not sure I'd ask him to make the trip then. Maybe give him to a friend or neighbor instead of moving him. But if you do take him and he expires along the way, I would be tempted to just wrap him in a towel, put that in a plastic bag and tuck him in a corner. I'd then bury him at the new place. But I agree with redhen, a dumpster would be alot easier.
The night before I was moving, my Guinea Pig died. But she was very special to me, I had her for nine years, which is OLD for a Guinea Pig. I wrapped her in her little blanket that I used to hold her in, then I double wrapped her tightly in a couple trash bags and taped it up. Then I brought her with me to bury in the yard of my new house. Might sound gross, but I knew she wouldn't decay THAT fast, and I had her sealed really well in case. It was important to me to bring her with me. Personally, I think that would be a nice way of respecting the chicken (bring some bags and tape in case this happens on the road). If he's not that special to you, I'm not sure what else to suggest.
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Had to laugh at that one. But could you just imagine the kid working there finding it.
He/she would never go to the dumpster again.
Lol! Already on the other side of Indiana! He's in a tote right now. Warmest tote I have. If he makes it he'll be stronger for it. If not, I can get a replacement.

And of's pouring rain. Nice.

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